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Weekly Analysis: AUD/JPY – Bullish Continuation Pattern Emerges

AnalyticsTrade Team
AnalyticsTrade Team Last updated on 20 Sep 2023
Category: AUD/JPY
Bullish Continuation

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Bullish Continuation

Bullish Continuation

Main Points:

  • AUD/JPY exhibits a bullish continuation pattern with two significant confluences.
  • The pair breaks a bearish trendline and forms a bullish bull flag pattern, reinforcing the bullish sentiment.
  • Anticipated conservative resistance at 95.80, with potential targets at 96.70 and 97.60.

Bullish Momentum in AUD/JPY

Continuing our analysis of currency pairs, we turn our attention to AUD/JPY. This analysis reveals a compelling continuation pattern, underpinned by two critical confluences. The pair’s bullish trajectory gains strength through a breakout from a bearish trendline, with price consolidating just above this trendline. Furthermore, a bullish pattern, known as the bull flag, emerges, solidifying the bullish bias.

Bullish Trade Opportunity and Price Targets

The bullish trade scenario takes shape after the breakout from the flag pattern. As we look ahead, our expectations focus on the coming weeks, with a conservative resistance level at 95.80 serving as our initial target. Beyond this level, the potential for further gains becomes evident, with possible targets extending to 96.70 and, ultimately, as high as 97.60.

Technical Indicators Comparison

Indicator Current Status
Bearish Trendline Breakout Confirmed
Bull Flag Pattern Reinforces Bullish Bias
Resistance Levels 95.80, 96.70, 97.60

Utilizing Trading Tools and Fundamental Insights

Successful trading often involves a combination of technical analysis and fundamental insights. While technical indicators confirm the bullish momentum in AUD/JPY, it’s equally essential to consider factors such as market sentiment and fundamental analysis. Traders can benefit from tools like correlation comparison calculators and sentiment analysis to refine their strategies and make informed decisions.

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