Volatility Tools

A wide variety of tools for in-depth analysis of volatility in the forex market

Forex Volatility indicator

The Ultimate tool to predicting market movements

This powerful tool allows you to compare the volatility behavior of a number of forex pairs throughout the days of the week and the hours of the day.

With the Forex Volatility Tool, you can quickly identify which pairs are more volatile and when. This information can help you to make more informed trading decisions and increase your profits.

Volatility Report Tool
Forex Candle Performance

Forex Candle Performance

The Forex Candle Performance Report is the ultimate tool for volatility trading. This report provides you with the percentage of candles that end positively every hour and every day, so you can know when to enter a long or short trade.

The Key to Trading with Confidence

The Forex Candle Performance Report is easy to use and understand. Simply select the forex pair and time period that you want to view, and the report will generate the data for you. You can then use this data to make informed trading decisions.

Forex Volatility Heat Map

The Ultimate Tool for Volatility Trading

Our Forex Volatility tool is an interactive report that provides detailed insights on the volatility trends in the forex market across a variety of currency pairs.
You can customize your view by:

Day of Week – A clear comparison on which day the volatility increases

Hour of the Day – The report is designed to help you identify which currency pairs are more volatile, and during what times, allowing for strategic trading decisions

Volatility Heat Map tool

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