Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription / registration / payment

Will I get an invoice of my purchase?

Our system automatically generates an invoice about 24 hours after we have received the payment. You will be able to download it from your Subscriptions page.

Is my subscription automatically renewed every month?

Yes. Your subscription will renew automatically unless you cancel this option (always with the original price, no discounts apply for renewals). To cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription and avoid future non-desired payments you must cancel your subscription from your user's profile. Please make sure you do this after you have received a message from Analytics Trade confirming that the payment of your purchase has been successfully completed, otherwise you will cancel your subscription completely.

What is the difference between the Basic and Pro subscription?

The basic subscription let you use only one trading account while the Pro let you analyze multiple trading accounts and compare them with more reports for more insight.

Can I sign in to Analytics Trade using Google?

Signing up or signing in with Google is available on Analytics Trade. You can access all areas of Analytics Trade with your Analytics account.

Forgot Your Password

Follow these steps to recover your Analytics Account password.


Click on Login button and on Sign-in page click on Email, then click on Forget Password link.Enter the email address associated with your account.An email will be sent to you containing a link to reset your password.

Can I get a refund of my order?

Sorry, you can try Analytics Dashboard on Currency analysis dashboard, so no refunds are given.

What do I do if I have problems with my subscription?

Please contact us at any time Here

Trading analysis

What is the main value that can be derived from this report?

It is possible at a quick glance to get all the important information about the account such as profits, costs and which type of transaction is more dominant

How do the filters help?

With the help of the plotters, you can cut the report down to the highest and most accurate level of detail regarding the figure we want to investigate, for example, our trading performance in Euro Dollars in the last month

I have several accounts why can't I filter them?

In order to switch between accounts and compare the trading performance between the accounts, it is necessary to purchase an upgraded package Pro

Can someone else view my account data?

We use the highest information security in the world with the help of Microsoft technology, we provide double security, in addition to the account access details on the website there are additional security details from Microsoft for the report data

How does the report get my account data?

Each user can upload his trading data in the personal area of the website by means of a file generated by the software. For further explanation click here

Why is it important to know costs for each trade?

Costs refer to the fees and rollover interest that we pay on each trade. It is important to know if we are not paying too much and thus reducing the net profit. Of course you can filter for each pair

What is the difference between a paid report and the free report?

The free report refers to market data and statistics at any given time and up to 20 years back for public data When the paid report refers to private data of the trader.

Analytics Dashboard


How do I filter the data shown in the report?

At the top of the report there are several filters, clicking on which will filter the report. In addition, these are interactive reports, which means that each click throughout the report will filter the report according to what was clicked.

How can you filter several things in the report

Holding cntrl and selecting another element will filter the report

Currency analysis


Who is your data provider?

We work with various data providers such as Dukascopy , Darwinex and yahoo finance.

Why is it important to know average volatility in pips?

With the help of this figure, we can know how much to aim for in the next transaction. We can also use the filters to filter the relevant pair

Why is it important to analyze times in trading?

Each pair has a different behavior during the day. With the help of the analysis of the transactions made in the account by hours during the day, it is possible to know in which currencies and times it is worth continuing to trade

How can you know on which day to trade a certain pair and in which direction?

On the heat map screen you can see the percentage of positive candles by day of the week. Clicking on a certain pair and we will know on which day it is best to go short or long


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