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USD/JPY Weekly Forecast: Bull Retake the Driving Seat

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AnalyticsTrade Team Last updated on 10 Sep 2023
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USD/JPY Weekly Forecast

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USD/JPY Weekly Forecast

USD/JPY Weekly Forecast

Main Points:

  1. US dollar experiences fluctuations amid market uncertainty but closes the week strongly.
  2. Wild week for USD against JPY with fluctuations but potential support at 142.50 level.
  3. US interest rates, higher than Japanese rates, likely to keep USD strong against JPY.

USD/JPY – Weekly Market Overview

The US dollar embarked on a roller-coaster journey against the Japanese yen during the week, reflecting market uncertainty. However, it concluded the week on a robust note, hinting at potential upward momentum. While the dollar exhibited considerable fluctuations, it is worth monitoring its performance closely.

Market Dynamics and Support Level

Despite the week’s volatility, the USD/JPY pair demonstrated resilience by bouncing back from a significant drop on Friday. The 142.50 level below serves as a key support, bolstering the US dollar’s position. The anticipation of continued strength in the dollar can be attributed to the prevailing scenario of higher US interest rates compared to Japanese rates, which fuels demand for the dollar.

USD/JPY Technical Analysis and Milestones

From a technical perspective, a breakthrough beyond the 147.50 level could propel the dollar higher, with the possibility of reaching the pivotal 150 level. The 150 level holds fundamental significance and should be closely monitored for potential market shifts. Further gains are plausible if the dollar manages to surpass this critical threshold.

Comparison Table: Key Indicators

Indicator Observation
Market Volatility Fluctuations
Market Sentiment Bullish
Fundamental Analysis US-Japan Interest Rate Differential
Technical Indicators Strong Uptrend

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