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GBP/USD Weekly Analysis: Navigating Risk and Data Releases

AnalyticsTrade Team
AnalyticsTrade Team Last updated on 16 Sep 2023
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GBP/USD Weekly Analysis

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GBP/USD Weekly Analysis

GBP/USD Weekly Analysis

Main Points:

  • GBP/USD faces a challenging week amid global uncertainties prompting investors to seek safety.
  • The pair’s direction hinges on reactions to this environment and key economic data from the UK and US.
  • Technical analysis reveals a test of the 1.2650 resistance and a critical support zone at 1.2350, influencing potential trend changes.


GBP/USD had a turbulent week due to global uncertainties leading investors away from high-risk assets. The pair’s future depends on how it responds to this situation and upcoming economic data from the UK and the US.

Fundamental Factors

The pair’s prospects are linked to global risk sentiment. Additionally, its direction will be shaped by economic data releases from the UK and US.

Technical Analysis

Technically, GBP/USD recently tested the 1.2650 resistance but fell back to the 50-week EMA. It’s now near a crucial support zone at 1.2350, historically a significant level.

Above 1.2650 could signal a bullish trend, while below 1.2350 could indicate bearish continuation. Expect high volatility as the market processes the latest developments and data.

Comparison Table: GBP/USD vs. USD/GBP

Current Price 1.2450 0.8020
Volatility High High
Market Sentiment Bearish Bullish

Comparing GBP/USD with USD/GBP, we see bearish sentiment for GBP/USD, reflecting the pound’s challenges.


In conclusion, GBP/USD faces a challenging week amid global uncertainties and crucial economic data. Technical analysis points to key resistance and support levels that may influence trends. Traders should stay vigilant and prepared for market fluctuations.

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