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Which file to upload and how?

Step 1:

Log in to your MT4 account. 

Find the “Terminal” window. If the terminal option isn’t displayed, go to the “View” option, and there you’ll find the terminal option. Click on it, and it’ll display the terminal below the main chart.

Step 2:

You can see the “Account History” option in the terminal window. Click on it, and it’ll take you to the account history.

Now at the “Account History” tab, we can see all our closed trades and transactions. Right click and a dialog box will appear. Here, you have several options.

Save as Report:

*In order to using Analytics Trade dashboard it is recommended to select “All History” in order to get a complete picture of the account.

By clicking on this option, a dialog box will appear. Here you can see two options; “File name” and “Save as type”. The file name suggests the file’s name, while the file saves as an HTML automatically.

Just upload the HTML file that you have download from previous step and after 5 minute your trading behavior will be visible only to you in the most professional way possible.


You can also see a detailed explanation here


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