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An annuity is a financial product that pays out a fixed stream of payments to an individual, typically used as an income source in retirement. Annuities are a type of insurance product sold by financial institutions that are designed to protect against the risk of outliving one’s income. Annuities can be structured in a variety of ways, including fixed, variable, and indexed annuities.

History of Annuities

The concept of annuities dates back to ancient Rome, where citizens would purchase annuities from the government in order to secure a steady income in retirement. Annuities were also popular in the Middle Ages, when they were used by religious orders to provide a steady income for their members. In the modern era, annuities have become a popular retirement planning tool, with many financial institutions offering a variety of annuity products.

Comparison of Annuities

Type of Annuity Payout Risk
Fixed Annuity Fixed payments Low
Variable Annuity Variable payments High
Indexed Annuity Variable payments Medium


Annuities are a type of financial product that can provide a steady stream of income in retirement. Annuities have been used for centuries and are now a popular retirement planning tool. There are three main types of annuities: fixed, variable, and indexed. Each type of annuity has different levels of risk and payout. For more information about annuities, visit the websites of financial institutions or consult a financial advisor.

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