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How to Export the Trading History From MT4 Software?

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AnalyticsTrade Team Last updated on 27 Apr 2023
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You can export the trading history report as an HTML file by a very simple step-by-step process to export the trading history.

Step 1: MT4 Login

Log in to your MT4 account. You can log in to your account by opening the “File” menu and selecting “Login to trade account”.

metatrader4 login
metatrader4 login


Step 2:Open Terminal

Find the “Terminal” window. If the terminal option isn’t displayed, go to the “View” option, and there you’ll find the terminal option. Click on it, and it’ll display the terminal below the main chart.

Open Terminal at mt4
Open Terminal at mt4


Step 3:Access account history

You can see the “Account History” option in the terminal window. Click on it, and it’ll take you to the account history.

MT4 Access account history
MT4 Access account history


Step 4: Get All account history data

Now at the “Account History” tab, we can see all our closed trades and transactions. Right click and a dialog box will appear.

You have several options for the account history in terms of time. You have all history, 3 months, last month, or a custom period. You can select according to your preference.

*In order to using Analytics Trade dashboard it is recommended to select “All History” in order to get a complete picture of the account.

All History:

It shows all history of the account. If you select this option, the whole account history will appear on the screen.

Get All account history data
Get All account history data

Save as Report:

By clicking on this option, a dialog box will appear. Here you can see two options; “File name” and “Save as type”. The file name suggests the file’s name, while the file saves as an HTML automatically.


Save as Detailed Report:

A detailed report option saves the account history as the HTML file but with more details. It includes an additional set of parameters.


It mentions the “Commissions” column. You can select yes or no. If you select yes, the commissions will appear in the account history.

Commissions signify the broker commission on each trade.


If you click on this option, the account history will show taxes.Taxes show how much tax you need to pay according to the trade.


It shows the “Comments” column. Comments on your trading positions are displayed here. You can only put a comment if a trading position is open or when you place the trade. In addition, your broker can also write a comment on your trading positions.


Step 5: Select time period

Select one of the options. For example, we have chosen the “Custom Period” option below.

Select account time period
Select account time period

Step 7: See all history data options

Once you have selected the period, the account history will appear. The account history has several options. Here’s a breakdown of these options:

Order: Order is the unique ticket number MT4 assigns.

Time: Time mentions the opening time of the trade. It is displayed in YYYY.MM.DD HH.MM.

Type: This option mentions the trade type. There are three order types, buy, sell, and balance. The MT4 platform will display according to the positions you take.

Size: Size mentions the volume of trade in lots. You can generally select the volume from 0.01 to 8.00 on the MT4.

Symbol: It mentions the asset you traded. For example, our chosen asset was USD/CHF, so the account history has mentioned it.

Price: It shows the price level at which you opened the position.

S/L: The S/L signifies the stop-loss order. If your position was closed after hitting the stop-loss, then the S/L column will be in red, and “[s/l]” will pop up in the comments column. If you didn’t set the stop-loss, “0” will appear.

If you placed the stop-loss order and it didn’t hit, the S/L column will not show any color, and there will be no comments.

T/P: The T/P signifies the take-profit order. If your position was closed after hitting the take-profit, then the T/L column will be in green, and “[t/p]” will pop up in the comments column. If you didn’t set the take-profit, “0” will appear.

If you placed the take-profit order and it didn’t hit, the T/P column will not show any color, and there will be no comments.

Time: It shows the closing time of the trade. It is given in YYYY.MM.DD HH: MM.

Price: It mentions the price of the closing position.

Commission: It shows the commission of the brokerage company.

Taxes: It shows the charged taxes on each trade.

Swap: This option mentions the swaps charged overnight.

Profit: It mentions the result of your trade. If the number is positive, you profited, and if it is negative, you lost the trade. The profit is mentioned in your account currency swap.

Final: Start using analytics dashboard to analyze your treading history

After you subscribe to one of our plans (Basic / Pro), you will have in your account section “Upload File” tab.

Just upload the HTML file that you have download from previous step and after 5 minute your trading behavior will be visible only to you in the most professional way possible.

Trading Account overview
Trading Account overview


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